Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Thank you for visiting the Administration Police Website. We in the Administration Police feel privileged and honoured that you have taken interest in us and what we do.

The Administration Police Service understands the enormous responsibility placed on its shoulders by the people of Kenya. This was recently underlined through the enactment of the new constitution 2010. We will endeavor to ensure that together with other law enforcement agents we make Kenya a safe destination for visitors and an unrivaled home for the citizens.

Security is the backbone and yardstick against which all achievements and drawbacks are measured. As the Administration Police Service, we appreciate the dynamism of the society and the constant changing trends in the world all of which have a direct and indirect security requirement. This being the case therefore, the Administration Police takes its business of security provision with religious zeal as well as scrupulous care and attention to detail. Your security is our concern, and it is the desire of the APs to make all their areas of operation crime-free zone. This desire may appear far-fetched and overly ambitious, but it can actually be achieved if you as the public join hands with law enforcement agents.

The Administration Police fully embraces the Police Reforms Programme, whose underlying objective is to enhance service delivery by the Police Services and subsequently improve security in the country. In responding to this, the Administration Police takes cognizance of the various actors, stakeholders and strategies all of which are geared towards achieving a common denominator? Security.

Our Government is continually working towards addressing various impediments which affect service delivery, and we therefore take this early opportunity to re-affirm our loyalty and total commitment towards meeting our obligation to the people of this beloved country.

The Administration Police deployment strategy is that, its presence and lawful operations extend beyond the lowest echelons of administration (i.e. sub-locational level). This deployment is aimed at ensuring that security services are accessible to all irrespective of geographical locations. Chances are therefore you will meet or be served by an AP at every point you turn. As a responsible citizen you should consider every officer as your partner in development. As you go about your lawful duty, the AP Service will play its role and supplement your efforts by providing an enabling environment and atmosphere for you to live and work in.

The Administration Police Service website, besides being a communication, educative and informative medium, is also a deliberate effort at enlisting the support and participation of the general populace at large in policing of our country. Even as you surf the web, we invite you to critically pore into every detail so that you can have a feel of the Administration Police Service and appreciate its weaknesses, strengths, capabilities and limitations.

The second five year Administration Police Strategic Plan 2009 -2013, Annual Work plans and activities which are also contained in this site are our guiding tools of operation. We take you as our development partner and as such, welcome your input, criticism, suggestions and opinions which will enable us better our services to you.

Do not hesitate therefore, to put your constructive thoughts forward.

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