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Since the inauguration of the NATIONAL POLICE SERVICE TRAINING COLLEGE EMBAKASI A- CAMPUS formerly Administration Police Training College - Embakasi, all Administration Police Officers, Administrative officers (AOs) by then including other Governmental security agencies were trained at the College.

The NPS Embakasi A campus was overstretched and there was an immediate need to establish a senior training facility to decongest the College.

On 1st August 2008, the Administration Police Service through the stewardship of former Force Commandant Mr. KINUTHIA MBUGUA purchased a facility from the road construction company (STRABAG) that was rehabilitating Nairobi, Mombasa road and converted the facility to current NPSSSC Emali Campus formerly Administration Police Senior Staff College.

The campus is adjacent to Mombasa road, fourteen (14) kilometers from Emali town towards MASIMBA shopping center, basically in KINYAWA Ward, MASHURU Sub County of KAJIADO County (KENYA).      

In the year, 2013 the Campus was recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (TIVET) and award a Certificate of Accreditation under Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Institution to be offering Diploma and Advance Diploma respectively.      


To be a premier institution of learning for policing and security studies.


To provide and support high quality training in management, command and leadership to senior security officers in order to enhance the standards of policing in Kenya and beyond.


Training for excellence


To contribute to the transformation of the senior police officers by inculcating national values and developing core skills and competencies for quality security service delivery

  2. To provide quality training to senior officers for efficient service delivery;
  3. To develop and grow police leaders through collaborations and strategic partnerships;
  4. To provide through leadership in police service management, leadership and governance;
  5. Provide functional leadership and management training to middle level Police officers
  6. To attract and retain highly productive and motivated human capital;
  7. To enhance institutional capacity and corporate image
  2. Superintendent Command course
  3. Direct entry specialist superintendent course
  4. Direct entry specialist chief inspectors course
  5. Inspectors of police training course
  6. Inspectors development course
  7. Command and Supervisory command course  
  8. Middle level management course
  9. Paramilitary courses
  10. Security courses to other government agencies
  11. And any other course as may be directed by DIG APS
  2. Provide functional leadership and management training to senior NPS officers
  3. Enhance Police accountability and responsibility, respect for human rights and rule of Law.
  4. Enhance capacity of the NPS to offer effective response to disaster emergency situations embracing protection of life and property and reliable support to other emergency services providers
  5. Improve efficiency, effectiveness and capacity in utilization of human, physical and financial resources at NPSSSC—Emali for better service delivery.
  6. Entrench the ongoing reforms process in the NPS to provide efficient responsive and timely services through appropriate training


  • Humility
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Preparedness
  • Adaptability
  • Professionalism

The College is headed by the Commandant and deputized by the Deputy Commandant.

The College is organized into sections for ease Administration.

  1. Administration Section
  2. Training Section

The section is headed by Adjutant who oversees the following Support section

  1. Registry
  2. Signals
  3. College Quartermaster
  4. Health Centre
  5. Motor transport
  6. Chaplaincy(Protestant, Catholic & Muslim)
  7. Catering
  8. College Armoury
  9. Welfare

The training section spears heads all the college training activities headed by the Dean of studies who oversees;

  1. Curriculum planning and development,
  2. Tuition delivery & quality assurance,
  3. Examinations administration,
  4. Appraising training staff performance
  5. Production of learning materials.
  6. Training Research

For easier Administration within the Training wing the department is subdivided into the following faculties: -

  1. Faculty of Police Administration and Leadership
  2. Faculty of Human Resource Management
  3. Faculty of Field Operation
  4. Faculty of Policy and Legal studies

In order for the college to achieve its intended objectives it has entered into partnership with the following learning institutions;

  1. The Kenya School of Government (KSG)
  2. Laikipia University
  3. Hawke Eye Technologies

Community outreach activities includes

  1. Provision of FREE medical care
  2. The College provides neighbouring community with free water in the locality for both human and animals. Water is on high demand due to the aridity of the area.


  1. NPSSSC – Emali Campus has successfully trained and tested several internal and external senior officers who have gone past the College has posted positive feedback which is registered through the various accomplishments in their respective stations.
  2. A total of two thousand nine hundred and thirty eight officers (2938) has been successfully trained.
  3. Beside success in training, the college's presence has also helped stabilize security in the areas as well as along busy Nairobi-Mombasa highway which used to report frequent incidences of insecurity



National Police Service Senior Staff College - Emali Campus  

P.O. Box 225 - 90121


Telephone: 0202422915                                                          

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.