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Be the leading community safety trainer


Training for sustainable peace and tranquility in Kenya for National Development


“Second to none”

Embakasi college

The Administration Police Training College – Embakasi provides training to Administration Police as established in the National Police Service ;

(a) Provide Paramilitary training to Administration Police and designated Government Security Cadre personnel

(b) Provide advancement, remedial and relevant skill-based courses for Administration Police personnel

The college also undertakes training research for the purpose of;

  • Adjusting and updating methodology and application
  • Validating training approach
  • Identifying training needs
  • Liaison with other training providers

Administration Police Training College is committed to provide prompt and dignified services with integrity and justice.

For efficiency and smooth running of the Institution, the training division within the college is divided into eight faculties;

  • Law
  • Drill
  • Field Craft and Tactics
  • Skill at arms
  • Physical Training
  • Community Safety
  • Training Research
  • Information Technology

Each faculty is headed by a senior Administration Police Officer.

The Training Division is committed to producing competent, disciplined, reliable and efficient officers who can render quality service to the public. SSP Joseph M.Ndirangu who is the Chief Instructor heads the training wing. The wing comprises of eight faculties;
APs in training     

Law Faculty

The aim of the faculty is to equip AP personnel with requisite skills and knowledge to enable them perform police duties within the law with regard for the constitution, the laws and human rights.

Community Safety Faculty

This faculty's main area of concern is to train personnel in areas of good governance, public relations, human rights, community policing, first aid, children's act and first responder skills.

Drill faculty

Discipline is founded on drill and its aim is to produce an officer who is proud, alert and obedient and above all to produce the basis of teamwork.

Physical Training

The aim of training APs in this field is to ensure that every officer is physically fit to perform his duties efficiently and effectively.

Weapon faculty (Skill-at-arms)

The primary objective is to equip the trainees with skills and techniques required to become competent police officers in all arms and also enable course participants reach high standard of marksmanship.

Basic Combat Skills (Field Tactics)

The main activity of the faculty is to introduce basic combat skills to the AP recruits, refresh and advance the skills to the serving AP personnel.

IT Faculty

This faculty is charged with the duty of imparting IT skills to selected AP personnel. Basic computer courses are offered in its fully equipped lab and certificates awarded to successful participants in partnership with recognised external institutions.

Training Research Faculty This faculty is responsible for collecting, analysing and interpreting data to improve training with a focus on modern training methodologies and application for adoption of best practices.

Administration Block

The section is headed by a Chief Clerk who is in-charge of all college clerks, management on  matters related to salaries, confirmation in appointment and  dispatch of personnel documents to new stations of posting. The section is further divided into;

    Radio Room; deals with signals and other radio communications.
    Training division; deals with all matters concerning course participants.
    Establishment; deals with all records pertaining AP personnel in the Republic.
    Switchboard; deals with telephone communications between APTC and the outside world.

College Quartermaster

This mainly deals with procuring, storage, packing and issuing of foodstuff and clothing on requisition by respective college sections and works in liaison with the Force Quartermaster on general procurement and purchasing.


The Administration Police band is headed by the Director of Music divided into three;

    ‘A’ band
    ‘B’ band
    Dance band

The bands generally perform in various functions in the republic of Kenya under its theme ‘Music for peace and togetherness’. The bands perform in national celebrations and provide entertainment during international soccer matches. Bandsmen and women are not exempted from other AP duties and are expected o be available for routine and emergency duties.

During training manouvres, the band supplies umpires, security and agressor groups for all courses.

Health Centre

The health centre offers integrated health with laboratory and dental services. Staff are deployed to work in two shifts and an officer is on call deployed for  emergency cases. The centre gets its supply of essential drugs from Kenya Medical Supplies Agency.

Motor transport

The department has gradually increased its fleet of vehicles and can now operate more effectively and has greater response capacity.

The section does routine maintenance and control of APTC and RDU vehicles.


AP Chaplaincy is divided into three faiths namely;


All the above denominations are equally represented in all the Districts and Provinces and headed by trained AP personnel. Activities and seminars are conducted regularly by respective denominations.

The chaplaincy participates actively in various outreaches and thanksgiving services for the disciplined services.


The section section handles financial matters and disbursements, budgeting and participates in planning.


The catering department has two main sections; one being the main cook house which caters for basic recruit courses and other courses and the other being the officers mess which mainly caters for AP Senior Officers and Administrative Officers courses.

Besides catering in College, the section actively participates in fieldcraft exercises, manouvres and official AP functions outside APTC.

College Armoury

It mainly deals with control and expenditure of ammunition, repair of damaged firearms, storage of arms spare parts and other technical requirements


Welfare section is charged with the responsibility of operating welfare canteens and messes within the college premises.