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The Security of Government Buildings Unit was established in 1977 primarily to provide security for Government Buildings within Nairobi Province. By then the Unit was known as GBS (Government Buildings Security).

The Unit changed its name from GBS to SGB (Security of Government Buildings Unit) in 1978. Before 1992, the status of the unit was at sub-unit level under the command of an Officer Commanding (OC).

From 1992 upto 2005 the title of the commander was Commanding Officer (CO) and has from 2005 been upgraded to Commandant.

Recent Commanders are;

    ARC NZANO 23/4/92 – 6/11/94
    AK MWASSERA 7/11/94 – 16/6/96
    EG MUNYI 17/6/96 – 6/7/98
    PK LANG’AT 7/7/98 – 6/11/98
    AD WABERA 6/11/98 – 13/1/2000
    G N MACGOYE 14/1/2000 – 27/5/02
    S.M. ARACHI - 6/1/2013
    KAVOI - 2014 - TO PRESENT

The units main functions include;

    VIP protection.
    Protection of key Government vital installations and buildings.
    Protection of Government installations.
    Provision of security for cash in transit to Government and Private Firms.
    Emergency response..

Services include;

    Bodyguards – Provision of close protection, as directed by the Government.
    Residence security – 24 hour maximum security to those accorded the service.
    Protection of Vital Government Installations/Institutions.
    Back-up armed sentries to designated Government Buildings and Installations.
    Cash in Transit for Government Institutions/Private Firms.

These services are provided to private firms subject to conditions of the contract for hire of armed security personnel as stipulated in Kenya Gazette Notice No. 8823 dated November 2004; and as may be reviewed from time to time.