Saturday, August 8, 2020

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 Office Holder; Mr.Ibrahim Jillo OGW, HSC (AIG)

Position Title:Director Training and Reforms ­

Reports To DIG – APS

Supervises: Officers within the Directorate,  He also coordinate Training Institutions and Field commands on Training

and Reforms matters/ issues.

Branches: 2(Training and Reform.)

Duties/ Responsibilities & staff assigned to Directorate:

The A­7 generally plans and coordinates training and reform programme in liaison with the units and field command and with service training institutions. A­7 staff has two main areas of focus namely Training and Reforms. Specific tasks under the A­7 include;

A. Training

Office Holder:  (SP)

Position Title: Staff officer ­ Training

Reports To: Head of Training and Reforms CO(TR)

Supervises: Training Staff

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying training needs with the service and preparing appropriate programmes with the service colleges.
  •  Identifying and planning external training opportunities in local external institutions to supplement service internal training.
  • Coordinating externally offered training programmes in and outside the country
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the service compliance and implementation of the Training policy of the National police service and the Government.

B. Reforms Office Holder: Position Title: Reports To: Supervises:

Masisi Kiilu (SP)
Staff Officer — Reforms
Head of Training and Reforms SO(TR) Service Reforms Staff