Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Officer Holder: Mr. Tom Ole Keis ­AIG

Position Title: Director of signal and communication

Reports To: DIG­APS

Supervises: Officers within the Directorate and Field commands on services

Branches: 2(Signals Comm. & ICT office)

Duties/ Responsibilities & staff assigned to Directorate

The A­6 is the principal officer for all matters concerning communications, including ICT, services frequencies, networks, and equipment maintenance. The A­6 has civilian specialists in the areas of communication and computer engineering etc. Generally, officers perform the following tasks:

A. Signals communications

Office Holder: Mr.Christopher Chakwet (SP)

Position Title: Staff officer ­signals

Reports To: Director of signals and communication 

Supervises: Signals Communications Staff

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Prepares signals annex to the operation order or operation plan.

2. Managing radio frequency allocations and assignments in the service

3. Maintain up to date and accurate records of all communication equipment and keep track

on all persons in possession of various communication equipment

4. Monitor serviceability of the proper use of communication equipment, channels and


B. ICT Office

Office Holder: Mr.Simon Nderitu

Position Tittle: SICTO Officer

Reports To: Director of Signals and Communication 

Supervises: ICT Staff

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing and controlling all network capabilities and services.
  • Establishing and overseeing procedures to securely disseminate intelligence throughout the service in liaison with A2/A3.
  • Advice on ICT and automation needs/systems and equipment in line with service requirements and government policy.
  • Assessing Communication vulnerability and risks
  • Advice on safe use internet for official service communications and mail and configuring wide- area networks.