Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Office Holder: Mr. C. Karege SAIG, MBS
Position Title: Principal Assistant to DIG — APS (PD-DIG)

Reports To: DIG - APS

Supervises: Service Staff Tasks

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The PD-DIG is the second-in-command in the service and answerable to the DIG generally on all matters regarding the service, and specifically on any matter as may be assigned.
  • As the Chief Assistant, the PD-DIG guides and coordinates staff tasks and ensures efficient and prompt staff response to DIG tasking and may be assigned general management of any other Directorate, Units or groupof staff ofiicers.
  • The PD-DIG coordinates services Headquarter staff and resolves disputs within directorates, speciallized Units and field commands.
  • The PD-DIG may in the absence of the DIG, exercise specified authority of the DIG and excute such responsibilities of the DIG, as may be directed.
  • Supervises personal staffs who works under the DIG's immediate instruction and control to perform specific tasks. They may also be tasked to coordinate actions and issues with other staff members, through in such instances they perform the duties through the PD-DIG.