Thursday, July 2, 2020

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The operations  section is one of the many sections at the Administration Police Headquarters. This section is charged with various functions and responsibilities as part of its contribution in the Administration Police Service, with the ultimate goal of making the Administration Police succeed in its functions of safety and security provision to the people of Kenya.

The operations department specific functions include;

Organizing for emergency response to situations of unrest, turmoil, accidents or disasters within the country. This is normally in form of transport and personnel mobilization to affected areas/zones,

  • Liaising for the evacuation and rescue of Administration Police Personnel injured on duty.
  • Identifying and organizing for the rehabilitation of motor vehicles and boats to enhance police visibility.
  • Acquisition of additional vehicles,
  • Acquisition, leasing, rental, repair and rehabilitation of Administration Police houses and premises.
  • Operational support
  • Monitoring and maintaining proper records of Appropriation in Aid with a view of ensuring prudent collection and usage of the same.

Under the Operations Section, are also the following sections;

Community Based Policing

This section is mandated to ensure that;

  • Community Based Policing is institutionalized in the Administration Police Department,
  • Coordinating and advise on roll-out activities,
  • Follow up of partnership with other agencies and organizations as part of CBP initiative,
  • Complaints

This section is established to specifically deal with;

  • Complaints from the members of the public against Administration Police personnel,
  • Complaints from the Administration Police personnel against members of the public,
  • Complaints from Administration Police personnel against fellow Administration Police officers,
  • Complaints from Administration Police personnel against other government officers,
  • Complaints from government officers/civil servants against Administration Police personnel,
  • Complaints from any other quarters which may not fall in any category above.

It is the expectation of the Administration Police that addressing complaints evenly and across the board will provide a common ground where both officers and members of the public will live and work together in harmony.

Complaints of any nature and from any quarter (if any), should be addressed to:

Deputy Inspector General
Administration Police Service
Jogoo House Block A

Media and Public Relations
The Media and Public Relations Unit of the Administration Police is responsible for;

  •     Addressing challenges regarding public, human and industrial relations within and outside the department.
  •     Disseminating timely and relevant information regarding the department to the public.
  •     Response to queries and concerns regarding the department.
  •     Creating and building a conducive atmosphere both for the officers and the service recipients.