Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Office Holder: Ms. Margaret Karanja (CP)

Position Title: Head of Legal Affairs and Inspections - CO(LAI)

Reports To: DIG - APS

Supervises: Officers within the Directorate and Field Commands on Legal

Affairs and Inspections issues.

Branches:  3 (Legal Affairs, Inspections and Complaints.)

Duties/Responsibilities & Staff assigned to Directorate:

The Legal Affairs and Inspection section is accountable to the DIG, through the Chief of Operations. Its main function is to advice the service on legal issues related to execution of the mandate and other matters in order to ensure that operations of the service are performed to the highest standard of conformity with the law and procedures.

The general duties fall into two broad areas namely; service legal affairs; and inspections.

A. Legal Affairs Office

Office Holder: Ms. Christine Temko (ASP)

Position Title: Staff Officer - Legal Affairs

Reports To: Head of Legal Affairs and Inspections – CO (LAI)

Supervises: Legal Affairs Staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Providing legal advice to the DIG
  • Providing legal services to the APS.
  • Providing legal aid to officers facing legal action in liaison with the office of
  • Attorney General, Directorate of criminal Investigations and Director of Public  Prosecution
  • Acting on behalf of the Service in legal matters
  • Carrying out Legal sensitization of APS officers