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The purpose of this charter is to enhance the level of awareness on our role in national security, provide information on our core activities, values and the range of services that we offer and the standards we have set for such services.


We as the Administration Police understand that everybody within the Republic of Kenya is our customer.


The core values guiding our service delivery standards are:

• Loyalty

• Openness and accountability in service provision

• Responsible in provision of effective and quality service, with honesty and integrity.

• Responsive to staff development and welfare

• Responsive to human dignity and observance of human rights.


The Administration Police will endeavour to;

• Render professional and efficient services to our customers

• Provide relevant and helpful information to all enquiries

• Respond promptly to all issues affecting the security of our customers.

• Treat all customers with utmost courtesy and friendliness

• Operate in an open, fair and transparent manner

• Uphold the principle of confidentiality and privacy in respect of our customers’ identity and substance thereof, whenever handling privileged information to safeguard their rights.


The following are services offered by the Administration Police

• Community based policing

• Crime detection and prevention

• Rapid response to emergencies

• Enforcement assistance to Government Departments.

• Protective security to VIPs, designated installations and Institutions

• Security to cash in transit

• Training services to Government security organs

• The administration of AP Staff personnel matters

• Chaplaincy services to AP staff

• Medical services to coursemen, staff members, their families and public

• Staff welfare services, sports and recreation, mass and jazz band.

• Recruitment and training of Administration Police staff


Whereas Administration Police services to the public are free of charge, certain categories of services offered for private purposes to either individuals or organizations are subject to charges. Such services are specified in the Kenya Gazette. Further enquiries can be made in writing to the Administration Police Commandant or can be obtained from the Administration Police Website.


The services of the Administration Police are rendered countrywide and can particularly be obtained from the following places:

• Administration Police Headquarters at Office of the President, Harambee House, Nairobi

• Administration Police Training College, Embakasi , Nairobi

• Security of Government Buildings Unit, Mbagathi Road , Nairobi

• Rapid Deployment Unit, Embakasi-Nairobi

• Provincial offices

• District offices

• Divisional offices

• Locational offices

• Administration Police outposts

• At the point you encounter Administration Police officers on patrol or other duty


The Administration Police services are available daily and on a 24-hour basis.


AP services are provided by personnel of all ranks. However, depending on the particular nature of a service, the composition and number of officers involved to carry out that service will vary.


A customer wishing to obtain services from the Administration Police:-

• Will provide clear and accurate information and in good time where possible, in person, by mail, telephone or other acceptable means of communication

• Will proceed to the nearest service point or station and make a formal report.

• Where reporting is impractical a customer should make distress noises or commotion adequate to attract the attention of Administration Police officers directly or indirectly.

• May be advised to produce a document where necessary.

• Will not offer inducement for any services sought or offered by the Administration Police.

• Will be expected to respect Administration Police work procedures as a disciplined service and desist from improper use or misinformation of Administration Police officers.


Customers who are aggrieved or have a complaint to make can seek redress as follows:

• Make formal complaint to the duty officer at the station where the service was rendered.

• An Officer receiving a complaint shall record the same together with the contact details of the customer in an Occurrence Book, initiate investigation and prepare a report

• Formal feedback and progress shall be communicated soonest possible and not later than 14 working days after the complaint has been reported.

• A customer who is dissatisfied with the redress at the first point of call is advised to seek redress in a higher office.

• A customer may make complaints or suggestions to the Administration Police Commandant through the physical address provided or by post, fax or e- mail

• A complaint / suggestion box will be maintained at every Provincial and District office for all general complaints/suggestions.


This Charter is an effort to serve our customers better and does not purport to replace the Administration Police Act Chapter 85, Laws of Kenya or other laws and regulations governing the operations of Administration Police.

The Administration Police can be contacted through the following addresses;

The Administration Police Commandant,
Administration Police Headquarters,
Office of the President, Harambee House,
Harambee Avenue P O Box 30510-00100 NAIROBI
Tel. 254 020 227411
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.administrationpolice.go.ke

The Commandant, Administration Police Training College
P O Box 19284-00501 EMBAKASI – NAIROBI
Tel. 254 020 823216/7/8 Fax 254 020 823641
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.administrationpolice.go.ke/aptc

The Commandant, Security of Government Buildings,
Mbagathi Road P O Box 20895-0200 NAIROBI
Tel. 254 020 604250
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.administrationpolice.go.ke/sgb

The Provincial Administration Police Commanders (Respective Provincial Commissioners offices)

The District Administration Police Commanders (Respective District Commissioners offices)

The Divisional Administration Police Commanders (Respective District Officers offices)

Motto We the Administration Police as servants to the Kenyan people, pledge our commitment to the public through our motto: “Uaminifu na Haki” – (Integrity and Justice)